At Lyan Enterprises, we've done our best to create a Web site that anticipates and satisfies our customers' needs. With that goal in mind, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you do not find an answer to your question here, please contact us!


Q: Is it worth having my appliance repaired?
A: While it is very hard to answer, we advise that in most cases we can restore your appliance to the condition previous to it’s failure. In many cases it is more cost effective than replacement. In some cases the appliance may have features not available in the replacement making it well worthwhile.


Q: Do I need proof of purchase to have my unit repaired?
A: All the brand providers we represent require us to sight proof of purchase at the time of service & to provide them with a scan or copy. While a retailers receipt is preferred, some may accept bank or credit card statements. Contact us or the warranty service number in your operators booklet.

Q: I want you to do the warranty repair for me! Can you help?
A:Even if it is one of the brands we represent, you will still have to contact the national service number. All our warranty referals are sent to us individually with a repair authority. Without a repair authority we won't be supplied the required parts or be paid for the repair. Contact the warranty service number in your operators booklet & provide them with the details they request & when they forward the repair authority we will contact you..

Q: My warranty doesn’t cover home service & I have no way to get the appliance to you!
A: We can offer a pickup & reinstallation service for a small fee if you are located within our normal service area. Please contact us for assistance.

Q: The warranty card says that some things are not covered. Is this correct?
A: Most warranties will not cover “wear & tear’ items such as stylus, tape heads, lasers, batteries & consumable items. Misuse, neglect, accidental breakage, transit damage, vermin, storm or liquid damage are not covered. Poor performance due to inadequate receiving antennae or use of non genuine parts are not covered. Most warranties cover defects occurring under normal use of the product in accordance with the provided instructions.

Q: The warranty card said that the appliance is not covered if I have it repaired by an unauthorised person of fit non genuine parts?
A: All warranties require you to have your appliance serviced by an Authorised Service Centre. This is to provide you with the best possible service & have your appliance returned in full working order. They stipulate that genuine parts are used to be sure of the quality of the part fitted.


Q: Can you tell me how to fix my appliance & sell me the parts needed?
A: Unfortunately we can’t tell you how to repair your appliance as under occupational health & safety regulations it is not allowed. It would not be possible to give an accurate diagnosis without inspecting the appliance. We do not retail spare parts & do not advise on the correct fitting. We advise you bring the appliance to us for an estimate.

Q: My VCR keeps going fuzzy but I can still hear the voices. I have had the heads cleaned before & used a cleaning tape.
A: While you have had the heads cleaned before, further clogging can occur if you use tapes that are faulty or “shedding” oxide. The use of a cleaning tape is an emergency measure only & should only be used strictly to the direction provided. Excessive use can wear & damage the drum assembly. Ascertain which tapes are suspect & refrain from using them. We advise that you have the “heads” professionally cleaned & the drum inspected for wear.


NB: We are currently required by Australian Consumer Law effective of 1st July 2011 to advise you of the following information before goods are accepted for repair.

1: User Generated Data: The repair of your goods may result in the loss of some or all of the stored data. This data may be recordings, movies, programs, music, games or user settings. While we take all possible steps to retain this data, we advise if you want to retain this data you should save this data elswhere prior to repair.

2: Refurbished Goods or Parts.

Refurbished Goods: Pleased be advised that Warranty Goods presented for repair may be replaced by refurbished goods of that type rather than being repaired. In most cases this is at the discression of the Manufacturer or Importer.

Refurbished Parts: During the repair process we may have to fit or use refurbished parts or Printed Circuit Boards. In many cases this is the only option as the original parts may no longer be available. We may also be supplied refurbished parts under warranty repairs at the discression of the supplier. We may also be required to fit refurbished parts as supplied without our knowledge of their origin.


NB: Goods in transit to & from our workshop that are not in our control are at the customers liability.

While we pack or wrap the goods to minimise the chance of accidental damage, the circumstances of their transit is unknown.
Repaired Goods leaving our workshop have been tested & are in a working state when they are collected.

We advise that both Plasma & LCD / LED TV's should be transported verticaly with adequite packing / padding to the front of the unit as this is the most fragile section of the unit.
The manufacturer advises that you retain the packaging of your curved screen unit in case it is required to be transported.
Inapropriate handling can result in screen damage that may render the unit uneconomical to repair.