At Lyan Enterprises We Service:


We service & repair all brands of Flat Screen TV's. We can service your 10 cm portable to your 200 cm wide screen set. We can assist with your Flat Panel Plasma , LED, LCD & OLED sets.

We are able to assist with your Plasma or LCD Display Panel & their accessories.


We service & repair all brands of VCR. We repair domestic VCR & also Security Time Lapse VCR. We also repair VCR - DVD combination units & Tele - Video units as well.

DVD & Bluray

We service DVD or Bluray Players, DVD or Bluray Recorders, Hard Disc Drive Recorders & Personal Video Recorder - DVD Recorders.

HiFi Systems, Audio & Components

We can service & repair your HiFi system or Component Unit. We service all brands of Combination unit, Amplifier, Surround System, Tuner, CD Player, Tape Deck, Turntable, Equaliser, Effects Unit & Speakers. If parts are available we can return it to working order.

Microwave Ovens

We service all brands of microwave ovens. We repair Convection Ovens & ordinary Microwave Ovens. If parts are available we can return it to working order.

Remote Handsets

We can repair many handsets if wear & tear has not damaged it too much. If it is beyond service we can supply many replacement or universal units.

PA Systems & Odd Audio

We service & repair PA Amplifiers & Professional audio equipment. If you have an odd unit we may be able to assist you.

Power Surge, Insurance Estimations & Lightning Damage repairs.

We can assist you with estimations & repair for your power surge or lightning damaged appliances. We can call to your home & pick up your damaged units. We can then prepare estimates for repair for your insurance company. Please contact us regarding your circumstances & we will attempt to assist.

Odd Equipment

We attempt to repair many electronic appliances & commercial items. If you are in need of service to your unit please contact us as we may be able to assist.